Mandurah (Western Australia)


Upon return to beautiful WA I have been staying in the quiet coastal town (well technically city) of Mandurah, an hours drive south of Perth. A few years ago vegan options here were as rare as a unicorn but alas with the vegan trend sweeping through Perth it has also trickled down to Mandurah.

Flics is a busy, trendy cafe on the foreshore, overlooking the estuary. The menu caters for all with a detailed drinks list and variety of breakfast lunch and dinner meals.

I went with my omni parents who are, like most of their Irish bred generation, used to their comfort foods and afraid to try the unfamiliar. They settled with a safe yet well cooked eggs benedict.

Being the ‘vegan’, Mum was concerned there wouldn’t be anything for me but alas she had nothing to worry about! The vegan brekkie option was tempting although I opted for the less filling coconut yogurt pot.


At the base was home made coconut yogurt, followed by crunchy granola, fresh pineapple, scatterings of blueberries and on top was a scoop of mouth watering mango sorbet. Each flavour in the pot worked together. Savouring each bite I enjoyed the crunch of the granola and the smooth sweetness of the yogurt.

Visually pleasing and filling (4/5)


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