London Feasts – Borough Markets

My final weekend living in London brought me to the Mecca of food stalls in the city; Borough Markets. Here you can find a plethora of delicious gourmet vegan treats hidden amongst the abundance of animal based products. If you spend some time searching the many stalls you can be pleased to find handmade Turkish delight in an assortment of flavours (all vegan!), baked goods and much more.

My nose and hungry eyes led me towards a sign stating Vegan Burgers and I joined the winding line straight away without hesitation. The buzz of excitement in that line was encapsulating and affirmed even more the positive vegan movement that is taking over this side of the world.




The menu had chickpea burgers, seitan pulled BBQ ‘pork’ burgers and even a breakfast ‘sausage’ option. I went for the old faithful burger with cheese. The patty contained buckwheat, mushrooms and other ingredients to add to the mouth watering experience. Crammed in the seeded bun was also fresh salad and veganaise. I savoured every delicious bite.

Although my stomach was bursting at the seams, I still managed to eye off some vegan oat date slices on the way through the stalls. How can you say no!?


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