A few weeks ago a girlfriend found cheap flights to Barcelona for the weekend so in true wanderer fashion we clicked confirm sale straight away and started to plan our Spanish adventure.

When I imagine Barcelona I don’t think about the beaches, bowls of paella, sun kissed cheeks or adoring football fans. I think about the La Boqueria food markets and the rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables on offer. Like a kid in a candy shop, my eyes lit up at the amazing fruity delights. Pink dragon fruit, exotic star fruit, juicy mangoes, sweet plums and never ending punnets of berries. I had no qualms spending 20 euros on a bag full of fruit.


How can you not love these colours!?

With my friends being meat eaters we compromised that I would find a vegan restaurant for one of the nights. After searching through many options I came across Teresa Carles. Although not a fully vegan restaurant I still had many options to choose from. I started off with mushrooms in a thick gravy with potatoes. Nothing over special or unique but tasty non the less. We then shared a few different cakes, each taking their own spin on classic flavours.

The brunch venue was a show stopper! On Sunday morning we left our hostel famished and ready for a wholesome meal to get us through the journey home. After much research (thank you Google!) I found Brunch and Cake. The rave reviews grabbed my attention, as well as the promise of a few vegan options. The line was winding around the corner and upon arrival we were welcomed with the promise of a 40 minute wait. Through some intervention of some kind we managed to grab a table within 5 minutes (maybe because we didn’t mind squeezing three of us into a 2 person booth).

After much deliberation and pondering I decided up on the acai bowl. I don’t say this often but it was the BEST ACAI BOWL I have EVER had! On top of the blended acai and banana mix was a combo of fresh strawberries, banana slices, passionfruit, apples, kiwi and their homemade peanut granola. It was a dining experience I never wanted to end. Along with my meal I chose the blueberry smoothie which was mixed with coconut and other complimentary fruits. A unique twist I enjoyed was the layer of chia pudding at the base of the glass. Each of their smoothie options have a chia pudding which is flavoured to add to the fruits in the smoothie. Mine was mango.

10/10 for a weekend trip of delicious food!



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