London Feasts – Black Cat ; Hackney

London is quickly becoming a vegan paradise in this part of the world. Independent eateries are popping up everywhere with hordes of excited vegans and others wanting to try new creations. The very first vegan fried chicken shop has even opened up and the line of eager customers winding around the corner strongly indicates their rapid success.

The demand is high and many cafes and restaurants are catering to all. One cafe in particular has been high on my list since I moved to London. Black Cat in Hackney is one of the most well known and popular vegan eateries in East London. Not only do they offer a range of delicious drinks, salads, comforting warm dishes and tasty desserts, they also have vegan products that can be purchased here as well.

My friend and I arrived on a hazy, dull typical Saturday afternoon to discover the cafe buzzing with energy. Once we were lucky enough to grab a table we soon decided what to order. The menu offered a simple range of choices, each one suiting a variety of taste buds.

I immediately eyed off the falafel salad bowl, which at only £7 was a bargain. What arrived was a bowl filled to the brim with a variety of fresh salads (green salad, quinoa, coleslaw and red cabbage), a generous dollop of humus, 3 large, crispy falafel balls AND 2 huge pieces of flat bread.


Even MORE salad underneath the flat bread.

My friend (a meat eater but lover of all types of food) ordered the Mexican bowl. This arrived with generous servings of different salads (similar to my dish), two large pieces of toasted sourdough and toppings of Mexican beans and zesty guacamole. Every mouth full was savoured as the flavours all complimented each other.


Mexican Bowl – generous and hearty serving. Almost could be shared between two (if you want to share that is!).

Although my stomach was bursting with joy and I was ready for a little food nap, my friend and I let our eyes take control of ourselves yet again.. and we somehow wandered towards the cake display. The plethora of vegan sweets amazed me; croissants, cookies, chocolates and a range of cakes. We settled on the bounty cake and blueberry chocolate cake, which we savoured with a pot of peppermint tea.


The bounty cake and blueberry chocolate cake. 

For only £12 for a main meal, tea AND dessert I left with a happy wallet, full belly and content spirit. Well worth the visit!



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