The Zero Waste Way of Life

During my time in Iceland I have had the pleasure of meeting two very inspiring fellow travellers. One is another Aussie who has been working overseas and travelling for several months and the other is a woman from Montreal. After chatting for a while about our adventures we discovered that we all had one huge thing in common..we are all vegan! I rarely meet other while abroad vegans but to be sharing a dorm with two others in Iceland of all places was incredible. We stayed up until midnight chatting about our experiences, sharing our transitioning stories and passion for plant based food. We exchanged recipe ideas and our dreams for the future.

Alice, from Montreal, shared her experience of adapting a ‘zero waste’ lifestyle. This means that she makes a serious conscious effort to produce as little waste as possible . Some ways she does this is by:

  • re-using recycled grocery bags
  • buy bulk grains, seeds, nuts and flour from whole food suppliers and storing these in mason jars
  • only buying fresh produce from local markets and those that do not have any plastic packaging
  • taking her own containers to restaurants so that if there is any of her meal left over that she brings this home. Plastic take away boxes are so harmful to our health if we keep re-heating them, as well as being harmful to the environment
  • using re-usable, recycled containers for food and water
  • making an effort to reduce the amount of products that are sold in plastic packets
  • composting
  • buying specific amounts of food to reduce any potential waste. Plan ahead!


It all sounds simple and achievable. Yet, why don’t we all do this? Is it laziness? Too much effort to be a little bit more organised and conscious of the waste we are producing.

I myself am no saint. Yes, I try to recycle. Yes, I try to re-use shopping bags. Yes, I donate unwanted clothes and goods to charity shops. Is it enough? Of course not! I buy cucumbers covered in plastic. I use plastic straws which then end up in our oceans. I don’t compost my food waste.

Yet another reason why I am so passionate about travelling and authentic human interactions. Alice has inspired me to take further steps towards adapting a zero waste life style, allowing me to contribute even more to our wonderful earth.

Below is a link to how this movement is spreading across the globe and even in my own home state in Australia. It can be done. All it takes is a little inspiration and education.

Zero Waste News Report

We can all do our bit, one little step at a time.


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