Golden Friendships

The title of this post sums up how I am feeling right now. True meaningful friendships are like rays of sunshine, providing us with the warmth and strength we need to get through daily struggles. They are a part of us and no matter what life throws at us (work stress, awful break ups) they will be there to help pick up those pieces and bring joy back into our lives. I feel like the bond between women is something so incredible and to be cherished. We need to appreciate each other and show more love.

When I left Australia over a year ago I also left behind a spectacular group of friends who I considered family. These girls had been through the thick and thin with me over the years, enduring my melt downs and mini dramas. I was scared to leave them behind (obviously still holding them dear to my heart) and attempt to form friendships in a new city. Honestly it didn’t take too long to start meeting new people but it is the meaningful, long lasting friendships that are hard to discover.


The Fellow Aussie 

This beauty is one who I met through a situation of pure fate! I met a mutual friend through work and after being invited to a ‘welcome to London’ dinner party I met my dear S. She exuded so much positive vibrant energy. I knew straight away I wanted to get to know her more. We bonded over fitness and our occupation. Chatting for hours at a time, we kept meeting up for coffee and exploring London together. Before we knew it we were flat hunting together with another friend. Fast forward almost a year and she is one of my closest friends. When I was in the most agonising pain of my life she came over and looked after me, massaged my worn body and did all she could to make me feel somewhat better. We have explored so much of Europe together; sailed the Adriatic Sea in Croatia, conquered the stunning city of Barcelona, thrown tomatoes at La Tomatina and so much more! I know our friendship will last an eternity.

The Work Bestie

My work place is DOMINATED by females. I am fortunate to work with such a wonderful and inspiring group of women. They are all diverse and unique in their own way. I would say I have quite a few work ‘friends’ who I chat to during the working day but S is a one of a kind woman. We have a bond that is one that has developed and grown over my time in London. She is one of the most compassionate and kind people I know. She is driven, successful and so incredibly inspiring. I look up to her passion and independence as a strong female, able to break the gender and social stereotypes, particularly so as she grew up in a traditional Muslim family. S is the master of her own life, taking control and not letting anyone get in her way. She has an ongoing passion for her faith and Indian culture, yet holds true to her own beliefs. We can chat endlessly for hours about family, health (she constantly listens to my vegan related rants), relationships, work issues and so much more. Nothing is off limits and I can confide in her and seek such wise advice. Having such a strong and inspiring woman as a friend is something I am so grateful for. I know our paths will cross again.

So these are only 2 friendships that I have made while in London. There are many more I could write about but this blog post would be incredibly long! My heart has been full of love and joy the last few weeks, with me realising how many bonds I have made with different people this year. They may have been brief encounters, work mates passing through the hallways or mutual friends who I see now and again. But they all mean something.


A colleague gave me these flowers as a parting gift today. My heart is filled to the brim with love!!



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