Nepal ; the trip that changed my life. Part 1


My view of the Nepalese landscape. We hiked 5 hours to get the the top of this hill which was covered by strings of prayer flags. 

March 2015 I decided to go on an adventure as a solo traveller. I had done independent trips before but to more westernised locations like Ireland, France and the UK. But this time I wanted to do something different!

I researched locations all throughout South East Asia. Finally I came across a country I didn’t know much about; Nepal – the home of Mt Everest, rolling hills and mountains and the friendliest people in the world. As I always do, I spontaneously clicked ‘confirm’ on my flights for the next month and booked a small group tour through Intrepid travel (if you want to go on a group tour that isn’t a generic Contiki or Top Deck, this is the one for you!).

I arrived in Nepal with high hopes, a second hand back pack (which I bought from a lady who had used it for 30 years to hike all around the globe) and a stomach full of butterflies. I wandered through the busy crowded streets of Kathmandu with a purpose. To embrace everything about this country and have a trip of a life time.

When in Nepal I had previously decided to try eating vegetarian food the entire trip. I wasn’t a huge meat eater anyway so I didn’t think it would be much of a challenge. It certainly wasn’t and since I have been in Nepal not one piece of animal meat has passed my lips.

The food in Nepal is incredible! Indian flavours adorn most of their dishes along with their own unique creations like momos (Nepalese dumplings). I drank my weight in Masala tea after every meal, feeling so content and satisfied.

In Kathmandu itself I went to one of my favourite cafes called OR2K. Here I ate plates of falafel, humus and other veggie delights. Fresh produce and amazing flavours helped me to fall in love with vegetarianism. Each day I was in Kathmandu I visited OR2K without fail and met fellow like minded wanderers.

Part 2 of this post will include photos from my trip of the beautiful landscape and some of the life lessons that have changed my perspective on so many things.


OR2K (image credit from Trip Advisor)


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